News Release


CIMC Raffles’ high-end flotel to continue with Petrobas on 5 year contract


Recently, CIMC Raffles has been awarded a 5-year contract for the high-end flotel OOS Tiradentes (previously called the CR-600)by Petrobras. The new contract will come into effective immediate after current contract ends.

On February 7, CIMC Raffles delivered high-end semi-submersible accommodation platform OOS Tiradentes (previously called the CR-600) at its The platform will sail to Brazil soon

OOS Tiradentes, named after a national Brazilian hero who fought for independence, is capable of providing customers with safe and comfortable working environment while ensuring lower fuel consumption, greenness and environmental friendliness. The flotel has been working successfully in Brazil for Petrobras after it was delivered at Yantai Shipyard last February. Ocean Challenger Pte. Ltd has the management right of the flotel, and it authorizes the Netherland-based OOS International to run daily operations.

“The customer really appreciates the excellent performance of the flotel. It not only renews the leasing agreement, but also approves our upgrading and reconstruction during the current contract period. The upgraded flotel will be able to meet the requirements for higher technology and greater working difficulty in the new leasing agreement”, said Mr. Yu Jianhui, General Manager of Ocean Challenger.  

CIMC Raffles finished the concept design, basic design and detailed design of OOS Tiradentes by itself, and has 100% intellectual property rights on all designs. Moreover, it has achieved three major breakthroughs: closed-loop design of the dynamic positioning system, automatic following of target platform, and the compliance with green environmental protection standard.